Thursday 30 October 2014

5 Tips for an Easier Christmas?

5 Tips to an Easier Christmas!

54 days!!! 8 Sundays!!! until Christmas!

I know, plenty of time, but I was going to publish this post in mid October, it just goes to show how quick time goes. I made a plum pudding, boiled fruit cakes, got the Christmas Cards out, to get a few of the Christmassy things in order to make Christmas flow smoothly. (also for my photos for blog)

I know, these days Christmas is everyday, so even more reason to make Christmas Special! This is a time to enjoy Customs passed down to us from our parents & grandparents. If you missed out on these, it's time to make your own. 
Whatever  your beliefs' are,  the story of the birth of Jesus is a part of history & sets the warm family atmosphere that envelopes Christmas. The story of The Fat Jolly Man in the Red suit & long white beard, is from a country, where Christmas was in the midst of snow, hence the Fur Lined Red Coat & long beard to keep warm. 

 Santa's mode of transport being a Sled pulled by the Reindeer. To add credence to the story of Santa delivering Toys to  the children all over the World, The magic of the Reindeer flying, adds to the world of Fantasy.

The Story of Saint Nicholas, making toys in his wood turning shed, then delivering the toys to the children in surrounding villages, makes a lovely story of giving. Very Heartwarming! The term Santa Claus > Saint Nicholas.

Hence again, parents providing the pressies! sssh , don't say I said this, you must be over 12 to read My Blog ;)

Sadly, Christmas can get out of hand, and cause heartache. Don't despair though, it's not the end of the world, it is just another day, in the end. Enjoy the experience with friends, family or not, but get organised if you want to get the best out of Christmas. 

  1. Plan where you are spending Christmas! Phone around & decide who's hosting the day & decide where you'll be spending it.I know it may upset someone, it's never easy, but if it gets too hard, do what you want. It is only another day, so if you end up pleasing someone you love, that's also ok. 
  2. Write a list!  On the list: countdown, cards, gifts, menu, spare boxes of chocolates & wine (for gifts).
  3. Write Christmas Cards early, to post in the first week of December. I can't quite drop sending a card by post. I like to put up the Christmas Tree in the first week also. 
  4. Place your order with your Local Retail Butcher. Once you've decided on the menu, it's so much easier sending the partner in to pick up & refrigerate the meat. Then check with your local fruit & vegetable guy & order. Check you have enough refridgeration. Temperature is the key element to safe food. 
  5. Stock up on crackers, chips, salsas, dips & drinks earlier in December, to avoid all the last minute shopping Queues.

Customs are different for every family. I celebrated Christmas & getting our presents on Christmas Eve. Mum made a real ceremony of it. We'd go & visit Oma, then come home after Santa had been, Mum would put on her German Christmas Carols, 'Oh Tannebaum', we'd file in from youngest to eldest (a bit like the Sound of Music movie) & find our little pile of presents. Visits to Dads' parents were very formal in contrast, still lovely memories.

It was magical, & we loved everything we got, from P.J's to a music box. Christmas Day was a pretty quiet affair, usually lunch was a Leg Ham & Mums' German Potato Salad. 

Steve's family on the other hand, did most of their celebrating on Christmas Day, I dare say,they probably started Christmas Eve. Year about, Christmas was at his Mum & Dad's & New Year's Eve was at his Aunty Rosas'. Living in Ayr, it was a very hot Christmas. 

All the family would come, with a very Italian Menu. Spaghetti, Bean Salad, Crumbed Rib Fillet (made by Nonna), Roasts, with all the desserts you can imagine & the traditional ones, Plum Puddings, Christmas Cake! Those were the days, you'd think I'll never eat again. 

Some of the recipes I'll be adding to Nonna's Apron will be our Christmas Recipes. 

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