Monday 19 May 2014

Great Australian BBQ Competition Recipe

Queenslander Bush Tucker with an Asian Twist!

aka:  Crocodile & Prawn Stir Fry with BBQ'd Macadamia Nuts

Crocodile & Prawn Stir Fry

When asked by Alastair McLeod, "Why we chose Crocodile to cook, seeing we'd only cooked it twice?"

My response was "We wanted to cook something different"! I actually thought there would be lots of whole cooked fish in the competition. I was wrong! But it was fun a doing a stir fry on the BBQ. We had a little problem with heat, which affected our finished dish.

I had a practice run cooking the Spices, Herbs, Vegetables with noodles & the Sauce & loved the flavour. 
Next we had a practice run at my home with a few friends tasting the dishes we tried.This time we cooked the crocodile. Now I'd seen a post by Brendan a chef cooking crocodile in Lemon Myrtle 3 mins each side. 

Preparing the Ingredients

we decided to sprinkle the croc with some 'bush spices' sear each side on the BBQ, take it off & rest the slab of meat until we added it back into the stir fry.  

I figured if I sliced the meat paper thin, it would keep to a tender consistency. The judges, Chef Dominique Rizzo, Alastair McLeod & Queenslander Billy Moore,  recognised this when judging. I've cooked it several times now & as long as I slice it finely, it is tender to eat, but I can't say I've mastered cooking crocodile. In saying this, it's still delicious & worth trying. The closest meat I can compare it to is Chicken. So not so scary to try afterall, & really takes your guests back when you tell them your serving crocodile. 

The Stir Fry preparation takes about 15 mins & when cooking a smaller serve for 4 people another 5-10 mins depending how you move through the steps.

400 gr piece of crocodile
20 green prawns
3 sections egg noodles (pictured)
 oyster mushrooms ( not available when I cooked this time)
Coriander, Garlic, Spring Onions, Ginger, Chili
Vegetables of choice
Bean Sprouts
Fresh Coriander,  Macadamia Nuts,                                                                                                       Hoisin Sauce, Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil.
Cooking the Noodles &
Frying the spices, Prawns & veggies.
 Step 1. Prepare vegetables (cut finely)
         2. Mix coriander, garlic, ginger, chili & spring onion 
          ( using fresh ingredients, chop & pulp with a mortar & pestle)
         3. Sprinkle croc with Bush Spice mix
         4. Use some of the crushed mixture to prawns (step 2) 
         5. Heat BBQ, add sesame oil, sear croc both sides for 1 min each side , set aside & rest.
           Add oyster mushrooms to the hotplate & brown the macadamia nuts, then set mushrooms & nuts aside.
         6. Bring water to the boil & add noodles. At this stage it all starts to come together.
         7. Add sesame oil to hotplate, add crushed herbs to plate & prawns, turning to cook,               add vegetables and stir.
          8. Add 4 tablespoons of Hoisin Sauce, a sprinkle of Soy Sauce,add the noodles
          9. I sliced the croc finely while Jeff stirred the stir fry, the croc was added, the                              macadamia nuts, sprouts & some fresh coriander.
 The photo in the heading is the larger dish I prepared at a BBQ with my very special Aunty Annegret & family. 
For serving I used those takeaway noodle boxes (that's another funny story) & chopsticks. 

There is no reason why you can't add a can of coconut milk to the last step of this recipe. 

Chicken & Mango Stir fry


One of the chicken dishes in the blind ingredient comp

In Front of the judges!


That funny story I mentioned, was about my bargain chinese takeaway containers I purchased on holidaying in Melbourne. I couldn't help myself, marked down to 20cents for a pack of 8, I bought the lot, while shopping with my sister Heidi for a party. Well do you think I could fit them into my luggage for the flight home. They eventually made it to Brisbane by car. It made a very funny story at the time, having a goof laugh at me.Don't worry I'm always having a laugh at myself. 

Greek Lamb Rump

 Greek Lamb Rump

What your Favourite Cut of Lamb? 

How do you choose the cut of Lamb you'd like to cook? 

Rack of Lamb or Lamb Cutlets
Lamb is delicious when cooked on it's own, without marinades, salt or seasoning. The meat tends to have a mildly salt flavour of it's own.

A Rack of Lamb or the Cutlets are a sweeter milder flavour of Lamb.

Originally we stuffed the Lamb Back-strap with Feta & Spinach, when cooked the cheese melts & produces a lovely sauce dripping from the meat.
Now we stuff the Lamb Rumps with the Feta & Spinach. It's more cost effective, easier on the pocket & the Rumps provide a richer flavour, yet tender & juicy.
Lamb Back-straps - Loin of Lamb
Lamb Rumps with Feta & Spinach

We named this dish
'Greek Lamb Rump'

                                When I entered the Great Australian BBQ, Jeff & I had to come up with a Lamb Dish for the BBQ. We cooked up the different cuts Jeff with the Lamb Cutlets with Jeff's home-made marinade. They were delicious, sweet tasty & tender.
I cooked the Greek Lamb Rump & once again, the Lamb was full of flavour, meat richer in flavour compared to the cutlets.
Greek Lamb Rump

Due to the richness of the Lamb Rumps Flavour we decided to go with
the Greek Lamb Rump. Jeff & I were happy with the dish we presented, we didn't win, but we know our dish was Delicious.

My Mediterranean Cous Cous accompanied the Lamb Rump.