Sunday 24 August 2014

The Versatile Rissole!

Seasonal Veggies & Low Fat Rissoles
& choose a sauce!

 The Versatile Rissole!

 I decided to satisfy the 2 different tastes in our family. This is also great in larger amounts for parties, leftover for healthy lunches or freezer meals for later. Stephen prepares some very low fat meatballs at the shop, so I used these today.
 Steve's rissoles have no crumbs or fillings added to them, only a little seasoning for added flavour. At the end of my recipe, I'll add some ideas for you to make your own Meatballs.

Step 1. Prepare all ingredients.


  • 16 Rissoles
  •  For the base of mix I used 1 Onion, 5 cloves garlic, chopped carrots, salt, pepper ( you can add celery, capsicum etc, depending on whats in your fridge or available)
  • Sauces for the flavour of finished dishes, I used Sweet & Sour & Tomato Soup for the 2 recipes today.
  • Cabbage for my substitute of Pasta & Rice & Broccoli for balance. Once again the amount of vegetables used is up to you. 

Step 2. Heat your fry pan, add a dob of butter, onion & garlic, stir & brown. Add Rissoles, turning until browned, add carrots & vegetables that you've chosen. Place lid on pan, to retain juices, cook for a few minutes. The browning will add a little more flavour.
 Step 3. Divide the Rissole mix into 2 dishes & add the chosen sauces. Sweet & Sour in one dish & a can of Tomato Soup into the other. Cover dish with lid or foil, put into an oven at about 180c for 30-45 mins.
Depending on the amount of rissoles you are cooking, the time in the oven can vary.

Step 4. Using the same fry pan, saute your cabbage that was finely sliced, add a pinch of salt to flavour. I only cooked the cabbage for about 2-3 mins so it wouldn't be overcooked. 
Add Broccoli to a pot of boiling water & boil for about 3 mins, again do not overcook. 

Sauteed Cabbage
When Broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts are overcooked it seems to spoil their flavour. 
Rissoles in Tomato Soup

When you remove the dishes from the oven, check the flavours, to see if they need a little extra salt or pepper.
Sweet & Sour Meatballs

Alternative recipes for Meatballs, can include some cooked rice, different herbs & spices, grated vegetables.
Italian- add crumbs, basil, Parmesan or Romano cheese, onion, garlic, salt & pepper. Use a Tomato based sauce.
Mexican- add beans, chili, corn, crushed tomatoes, garlic, salt & pepper. A Tomato based sauce will work again.
Aussie- crumbs, onion, garlic, pinch of mixed herbs, salt & pepper.
Porcupines- make up your meatballs & add cooked rice, brown them & add a can of Tomato Soup.

  • If you grated carrot or zucchini this will blend beautifully with the meat.
  • If you add some of pork mince to your beef mince, this will enhance the flavour.
  • Or use Chicken Mince

The Universal Flavours of the World. 

What is your favourite recipe for Rissoles?