My name is Monika. I'm a Wife of 41 years, Mum to 3, Nonna of , with a new addition of 8month old Max and Yes, I'm Nonna, but I'm not Italian.  My heritage is a mix of cultures. Mum, Irmgarde, was born in Germany whilst Dad, Kerry, was born in Australia of Irish emigrated parents. My dad's love of cooking seemed to be the essence of my cooking with the marrying of the Italian influence of my husband Stephen's family..

The Massotti Brothers emigrated from the North of Italy, Tresivio, a province of Sondrio in about 1921. Two brothers married Italians girls from back home who followed the men to Oz. Nonna and Zia welcomed me into their kitchens' to show me how to make fresh pasta, cooked pasta & risotto meals. The influence of garlic and rosemary will feature in some of my recipes, but I'm on a journey to spread my wings & experiment

The love of my Family seems to be the motivation behind my cooking. I enjoy nothing better than 'Cooking up a Storm' for the family & friends. Coming from a large family, I also understand the 'Cooks' enduring need to provide healthy meals all the family will enjoy. I have my great weeks and then there are the weeks I burn everything. I look for quick & easy ways to procure an appetizing meal. Hope you enjoy the journey with me!

Hence, the butcher shop allows me to be creative & create quick easy take home to cook pastries & pies, a few value-added quick variety of meals featuring quality meat. These products are to compliment the quality cuts of different meat that Stephen supplies. Courtneys' has retained the origin of supplying fresh meat from Paddock to Plate, unadulterated by marinades & we've seen over the last 30years that our customers appreciate this & return for more.....

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