Saturday 9 December 2017

Seed Cracker Recipe

Grain-free Seed Cracker Recipe.

 My journey to a healthier digestive system & less inflammation, led me to try grain-free recipes. So far it has worked for me. Not everyone needs to go grain-free, genetically some cultures are raised on grain. I won't elaborate in this blog, but I love my substitutes & endeavor to eat a balanced healthy nutritional lifestyle. The relief of pain & the energy,  I get from grain-free is amazing.

I've tried a few recipes but love the combination of this one. The recipe is dependent on what I have in the fridge or freezer.

Spices & Herbs add to the flavour & depends on my mood! Turmeric, ginger, rosemary, parmesan cheese, nutritional yeast, chilli, jalopeno, the world is your oyster.

Also, I prefer the mixture to better a little runny/wetter, as it pours into the tray & is spread more easily. Some recipes instruct to let the mix sit & rest, but I find it easier, to let it sit after I pour it. I also use baking paper on the tray, which makes for easier cleaning up.

My motto is " Less cleaning is best, for me anyway!"

I also double or triple my mix & store it in airtight containers.

 Ingredients for Seedcrackers.

1 cup water
1/2 cup of sunflower seeds
1/2 cup pumpkin seeds
1/2 cup almond meal
1/2 cup flaxseeds 
2 tablespoons of chia seeds 
1 teaspoon celtic salt or salt of choice. 

As mentioned a teaspoon of Turmeric, ginger, rosemary, pepper, chilli can be added.
2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast & 1/4 cup reganno or parmesan cheese.

On my 2nd attempt, I added in

1/4 cup sesame seeds
1/4 cup of poppy seeds
1/4 cup coconut oil (melted)
1/4 cup of amaranth seeds (this is very gritty & I prefer it to be blitzed). 

Adding in Nutritional Yeast is another healthy option & has a cheesey flavour, a stronger cheese than parmesan also increases the flavour.


1. I blend the larger seed in my, I call it a blitzer? Nutri Bullet. 
Sunflower,  pumkin, amaranth.

2.  Then I add with all the other ingredients into a bowl & mix.

3.  Line the baking trays with baking paper. 

 My recipe usually includes turmeric for it's inflammatory relief properties. 

Add extra water to make it a little runny for an easier spread. 

4.  Pour in the wet mix & spread. The thinner the mix the better. Score the cracker mix with a sharp knife. 

5. Place in a heated oven at 180c & bake for 30 mins. Keep an eye on the mix & let it brown. it can go from brown to burnt very quickly at the end of the bake. 

6. Once the crackers cool, I break them up & store in my Tupperware container. 

A lovely lady I know produces this delicious tasting Everymite, a substitute for vegemite. The recipe came about to produce a product Cinnamons' son Will could eat. Everymite is Gluten, Soy, Yeast, Grain Free. I enjoy it with butter on my seedcrackers.

Many other spreads suit these crackers, Tuna, Salmon, Hummus, cucumber, egg & lettuce.

 To my friend Louise, this recipe works no matter what I add or leave out.

I love to hear of your results. Happy Baking All!

Thursday 7 September 2017

Nonnas' Homemade Body Creams

Nonnas' Homemade Body Cream, Deodorants & Cleaners.

The journey into the past to reduce the chemicals in our food & homes has led me to doTerra Essential Oils. A pure source of plant oil without fillers & oils to crank up the price. Essential Oils in Australia only need 5% of the pure oil, while doTerra Oil is 100% pure oil. It makes it an easy choice, taking this info into consideration, use them sparingly, as they are very concentrated. 

My first use was for Flu & cold symptoms, I loved the relief I got using peppermint, lavender & Frank. (as you become familiar with the oils, you'll know that 'Frank' is Frankincense, the Oil of Kings)

My next major need for the oils was Lavender after I walked into a Paperwasps nest. I ended up with 8 stings, I applied a drop of Lavender to the stings which relieved the pain & itch. I only used it once the next day & the stings were a past memory, though the welts still appeared without the usual itching that continues for a week. 
But the use of Lavender didn't stop there, it's brilliant for infections, headaches, sleeplessness with a calming effect. I've cleared up several serious inflammations & infected cuts, even impressing the Boss (Nonno)

Upon using the oils I received several recipes which once again achieved great results.

Pain Relief Cream
Melt 1/4 cup coconut oil & add 

15 drops of Lavender
15 drops of Lemongrass
15 drops of Ice Blue
I apply this to my shoulder & arm muscles, knees, calves & ankles or any muscle or joint pain. It works wonderfully, lately I've added Magnesium Chloride to the salve as well.

 I like using Magnesium Oil topically. 
1/2 cup of magnesium chloride, add
1/2 cup of boiled water and stir.
The Magnesium dissolves quickly leaving a liquid, when used feels oily but dries into the skin. Magnesium is easily depleted due to daily stress. 

I Love my Deodorant! 

1/2 a cup of arrowroot powder mixed with
1/4 cup of bicarbonate soda, then add
6 tablespoons of coconut oil. Mix thoroughly the add essential oils. 
As most are either anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antiseptic, they are all useful in keeping the bacteria in check. My fave is Lemon & Lavender. Eucalyptus is refreshing also, I like to smell the oils but it doesn't need to be strong to work. I'm going to make a male fragrant using the woody scented oils, cinnamon, sandlewood....

Body Butter. 
1/4 cup of coconut oil

2 tabs of beeswax
3 tabs of shea butter
Combine these ingredients & melt them over heat. I used the microwave, gently, stirring to keep the heat even & melt the wax. 
When its smooth let it  cool then whiz the mix & spoon into a container. Add oils, Lavender for a calming cream, citrus for a refreshing, uplifting fragrance, Lemongrass for inflammation, and so on.....
You can add Magnesium also. 

I'm in a great co-op & have been able to buy minerals locally, including pure soap powder, bi-carb, borax, magnesium chloride, epsom salts to name a few.

Homemade Washing Powder using 
2 cups of dry washing soap - is a degreaser- (all the recipes I googled used bars of soap)
1 cup borax - is a stain remover& whitening-  ( sodium Borate is alkaline,a salt & safe to use. Boric acid is acidic & not to be used)
1 cup washing soda - removes odors & is a water softener.

Mix these ingredients, add some refreshing fragrant doTerra Oils & use 1 scoop per load of washing, 2 scoops for very dirty clothes.

I'll keep updating this blog on more of my chemical free adventures. Happy to hear from you & your thoughts on homemade products without the fillers. Savings on packaging & waste.

Wednesday 29 March 2017

Nonna Goes To Melbourne

 Rack of Lamb & Merquez Sausages

MELBOURNE- Anti-pasta,Tapas, Meze, Pizza, Vineyards, Rustic, Arts & Lamb Cutlets
Eggplant Fritters Buffalo Wings


Platters at a wedding
Pear & Rocket Salad
Rustic nook at Melotos

The Yarra Valley Dairy

Nonna Goes To Melbourne. 

With my sister Heidi, Helen, neice Sharna, picking up my sister Ingrid & myself up from the airport, we set off for a visit to The YarraValley. The girls have some favourite stops in The Yarra Valley, but are always up for a new vineyard.
In no time I was relaxing & getting into the excitement of our getaway. Wine , coffee, cheeses, pizza, was only the beginning. What I love about the dairy & Vineyards was the rustic, recycled, old is new again. I wandered around soaking up all the visually inspiring earthy surroundings with each nook & cranny.  First stop The Yarra Valley Dairy!

Milk Jugs

Rustic Dairy
We entered the worn old barn at the dairy to find a wide variety of preserves & old fashioned kitchen appliances. The enamel milk jugs struck a chord of nostalgia, when back in the '60's mum made up our milo drink in a similar jug. Browsing the goods, then onto tasting some samples served by Ingrid, not my sister.

 Cunliffe Waters Preserves

Tasting the dips made with the preserves.
Cheese Platter
Coffee, a cheese platter  & respite from the rush of work. Moving outside to enjoy the surrounding countryside of tree lined avenues and paddocks. the trees are very European and used to break the cold winds and probably even helped protect the fields from frost bite. (stopping the sun hitting the frost on the grasses & plants). Then we drove down the avenue on to Meletos , Napoleones Brewers. Apple trees! Feeling like a school girl seeing the apples growing on trees, I got my happy snaps. I've seen plenty of fruit trees fully laden, even grown my own, but apple trees aren't very common in Brisbane or North Queensland. Marine creates floral arrangements at The Providor at Meletos.
The lovely Marine, the french Florist let me take another happy snap.
Crab-apples for juicing

Wandering through the gardens is inspiring, the ideas, reusing old, odd pieces as features gives it a rustic feel of forever & peace. Espaliering fruit trees on the wall, a wicker trellis, high vegetables gardens, apple trees, grapes on vines & the list goes on.......
Chocolate Dessert
Wicker Gardening
Lunch at Napoleones after a browse through the gift & flower shop

Another Nook in the Garden at Melotos.

Fine Dining or Alfresco with a wine, apple spritzer or coffee is a break from reality & inspires me to whip up a banquet when I get home.

The chocolate production line.

Is this a big enough Easter Egg?

On to The Chocolaterie  & Icecreamery for another decadent experience & 
the Chocolate production line.

Decadent individual chocolates

Another Apron for Nonna!

Onto Yering Farm another vineyard the girls love! Another vino, an Apple cider for me & kick back to soak up the gorgeous blue skies, distant mountain & vineyards. A bottle or two of Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 or a 6 pack of apple cider.

 The Piece De Resisitance (piece ei: means resistance) when 2 parties come together!
The musical 'Ladies in Black' & meze dining in the arcade 'Ca De Vin' off Collins Street.

4 days in Melbourne and I didn't get to visit Captain Cooks' Cottage. Next time.....

Ladies in Black was so 1950's, a time I remember.....
It probably influenced me as a housewife, mother & cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Fortunately, living in the '70's, liberated us housewives. I loved the performances & songs in the show, occasionally, a few gasps from the crowd at the very innappropriate phrases from a very prejudice era. 
Home Sweet Home

Rustic Charm

Ready for the Kitchen
 A few more RUSTIC photos & another apron.
High Tea at Hopetoun.

Another decadent destination is a High Tea at Hopetoun in the Block Arcade, booking are usually essential.