Monday, 19 May 2014

Greek Lamb Rump

 Greek Lamb Rump

What your Favourite Cut of Lamb? 

How do you choose the cut of Lamb you'd like to cook? 

Rack of Lamb or Lamb Cutlets
Lamb is delicious when cooked on it's own, without marinades, salt or seasoning. The meat tends to have a mildly salt flavour of it's own.

A Rack of Lamb or the Cutlets are a sweeter milder flavour of Lamb.

Originally we stuffed the Lamb Back-strap with Feta & Spinach, when cooked the cheese melts & produces a lovely sauce dripping from the meat.
Now we stuff the Lamb Rumps with the Feta & Spinach. It's more cost effective, easier on the pocket & the Rumps provide a richer flavour, yet tender & juicy.
Lamb Back-straps - Loin of Lamb
Lamb Rumps with Feta & Spinach

We named this dish
'Greek Lamb Rump'

                                When I entered the Great Australian BBQ, Jeff & I had to come up with a Lamb Dish for the BBQ. We cooked up the different cuts Jeff with the Lamb Cutlets with Jeff's home-made marinade. They were delicious, sweet tasty & tender.
I cooked the Greek Lamb Rump & once again, the Lamb was full of flavour, meat richer in flavour compared to the cutlets.
Greek Lamb Rump

Due to the richness of the Lamb Rumps Flavour we decided to go with
the Greek Lamb Rump. Jeff & I were happy with the dish we presented, we didn't win, but we know our dish was Delicious.

My Mediterranean Cous Cous accompanied the Lamb Rump.

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