Monday, 14 July 2014

Juices, Soups & Veges

I Did It Again,
Refreshing Juices & Avocado
 I Played with Your Heart

Yes, That Britney Spears song…….da, da, da, da, daaaa. Don’t ask me the rest of the lyrics, the first line kept going through my head.

Why?  Well I decided to make a veggie juice for breakfast, which turned into making a soup, as well as preparing some healthy snacks for lunch & during the week.

Lemon & Lime Juice & more...
 I have a habit, where I decide to juice or cook & it escalates to 3 hrs in the kitchen cooking several different meals. Handy for cleaning out the fridge & having some meals over the next few days, but feeling a little possessed.

Today’s juice (I made two, one for Bec’s taste & a spicier one to mix for myself)

Juice 1. Pineapple wedges, kiwi fruit, green apples, celery, small slice of ginger & several mint leaves in the juicer.

Juice 2. Green apple, carrot, beetroot, big knob of ginger, knob of galangal & Parsley. I mixed a little of juice 1 into my red juice for a sweeter treat.

Juice 3. Lemon, Lime, Honey & a sprig of Mint. For this juice I used the original orange squeezer, added boiled water to the honey & mixed the ingredients together. In my jug, there’s an infuser where I added wedges of the citrus & mint.

Vegetable Soup

Roasted veggie Soup

I was ready to cut up the vegetables I put aside & decided to roast them. So it was renamed ‘Roast Vegetable Soup’

 I used all the different vegetables I had in the fridge, I was inspired by Bec’s Veal Shank casserole she’d made earlier this week. The sauce consisted of a tomato, herb with chunks of celery.

In the casserole dish went

·         1 potato
·         Some pumpkin

·         2 zucchinis

·         4 tomatoes

·         2 medium onions

       ·         3 celery sticks & leaves

·         2 large carrots

·         2 chicken & 2 beef stock cubes

·         Splash of soy sauce

·         Splash of sweet soy sauce
Pureed Roasted Vegetables

·         Sprig of basil

·         Very light sprinkle of mixed herbs

·         1 tablespoon of tomato paste

·         2 cups of water

I mixed the ingredients well, covered with a lid & put it in the oven at about 180c for 1 hour, turned the vegetables & placed back in the oven uncovered for another 30mins.

When it cooled I added some more water, wizzed it with my stick blender, tasted to see if it needed any more seasoning. I added 2 more stock cubes & brought it to the boil. When it cooled I stored it some containers for a few meals.

Avocado, Salt, Pepper & Lemon Juice

Avocado Dip

To keep the avocado fresh I scooped it out & added fresh lemon juice to it, some salt & pepper & mashed it together.

Fennel in balsamic

 I've already posted this recipe, but it’s simple. Wash & slice the fennel bulb, sprinkle it with salt, pepper, olive oil & balsamic vinegar. It’s a nice refreshing snack.

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