Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Oyster Blade or Mongolian Beef

Nostalgia versus A New Recipe!

Ingredients for 2 recipes using Oyster Blade.

2 for the Price of 1! 

I was going to cook an old Nostalgic Dish I first cooked before I followed my favourite recipe books. Mum & Dad used to braise the meat for most of our meals, whether it was lamb chops or rump steak. When I cooked this way back when down at the beach house, also a trip down memory lane,
Ingredients & Instructions:
 I'd brown the rump steak, (today I'm using Oyster Blade) add in 1 diced onion, 1/2 capsicum, 1 stem celery, a small handful of rice, 2 stock beef cubes, dash of soy sauce & some water. Stirring occasionally to avoid burning , it would simmer for about 20 mins. At this stage add about 1 tablespoon of plain flour
The recipe is according to taste & portions needed. Oyster Blade has a delicious texture, with the gristle turning to jelly in a short time. 
It was known as 'Poor Man's Fillet' back in the good old days, I know 'cos my mum in law told me.  :) Lena would toss slices of Oyster Blade in plain flour seasoned with salt & pepper. Fry this up, browning both side & cook for 15 mins & you have a delicious steak, add a little water, stock cube & you'll have a gravy & delicious meal to serve with mashed spuds.
Braised Oyster Blade & Cabbage.

Braised Cabbage & veggies in the fridge.

Today I'm serving Braised Cabbage with the Oyster Blade.
I cooked the veggies before my Mongolian Beef, so I'd only use 1 pan.
Ingredients: Chinese Cabbage, onion, capsicum, carrot, dob of butter, spoon of garlic. I didn't need to add salt as flavour was perfect.

Brown garlic, ginger, add soy sauce,
water, sugar & cook for 3 mins.

Mongolian Beef

When I saw this recipe on Just a Taste I just had to try it. So I took some of the Oyster Blade from the first recipe to experiment.

Step 1. I used a teaspoon sesame oil &rice bran oil, added it to the hot saucepan, then added chopped 5 cloves chopped garlic & 1 teaspoon grated ginger. Add 1/3 cup low-salt soy sauce, 1/2 cup water 1/3 cup brown sugar & stir. Cooking for 3 mins then set it aside. (I used less sugar than in the recipe)

Step 2. I'd already cut some Oyster Blade into strips, now I coated them in 1/4 cup of corn flour, placing the meat into a sieve to shake off excess flour. Let the meat rest for 10 mins for the flour to be absorbed.

Step 3. Heat 1/3 cup of oil in a fry pan (I used less than specified amount, as I don't normally deep fry food), then add meat when the oil is hot, turning it & browning without cooking meat through.
Remove meat from pan & drain on the paper bag from your Butcher.
Step 4. Drain oil from pan, reheat pan, then add soy sauce mix from the saucepan. The sauce should boil quickly, now add the meat to the sauce stirring & cooking to reduce sauce until meat becomes a sticky consistency. 

TIP: Definitely use low salt soy sauce. 

Mongolian Beef on Braised Cabbage

I loved this method of cooking the Asian Style Beef, but wouldn't make this as a regular 'cos of the sugar & oil content. But definitely worth the effort. Authentic finish.

Delicious Avocado & Cocoa Mousse
 made by Bec! Will add recipe in next blog
Braising Oyster Blade in veggies & rice.

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