Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Yes I'm a Nonna, but I'm not Italian. The Italian influence comes from my Husband, Stephen's family. The Massotti Brothers emigrated from the North of Italy, Tresivio, a province of Sondrio in about 1921. Two brothers married Italians girls from back home who followed the men to Oz. Nonna and Zia welcomed me into their kitchens' to show me how to make fresh pasta, cooked pasta & risotto meals. The influence of garlic and rosemary will feature in some of my recipes, but I'm on a journey to spread my wings & experiment.
Nonna's Apron developed from the photo above that my grandchildren modeled. Stephen's Nonna, Maria, made and wore these aprons many years ago. Those were the days when an apron was standard issue in the kitchen. Stephen told me the only time you ever saw Nonna without an apron was when she went to church.
The yellow apron was embroidered by Nonna, while she made the small version of the Butcher's apron for Stephen as a lad. Aprons were synonymous with kitchens & draw a little nostalgia from my childhood into my early years of marriage, to the present day of preparing meat in our family butcher shop: Courtney's Quality Meat.

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