Sunday, 27 April 2014

Cheese Please!

30 minutes notice that visitors are arriving or just need a snack?

This is a really easy recipe to make cheese. My daughters responses were Really! Yuk! Delicious! & it was as simple as that.
When there is very little in the fridge or pantry, make sure you always keep some tetra milk & vinegar in the pantry. This recipe is very quick & more economical than bought dips. You can flavour this in so many ways, it'll never be boring. 
4 cups of full cream milk
lemon or vinegar
pinch of salt
spring onion or choice of flavours

Step#1.  I'm going to make some cheese, Bec! "Really"!

Pour 4 cups of milk into a small saucepan, bring to the boil. I used lemon juice (vinegar does the job also) & added it to 1/4 cup of water. When the milk just starts to bubble add the salt & lemon juice, then stir. The milk will separate
straight away.   

Step#2. I rest the sieve on a larger bowl, then start pouring the milk into the sieve. The fermented milk will stay, while the liquid drains away. I used a large spoon scooping the white curd away from the side of the sieve to allow quicker draining. Bec comes over to investigate, " YUK"!

This photo shows the straining steps, just rest the sieve on the bowl while it drains.

Step#3. I carefully folded in spring onions or any flavour you like, chilli, paprika, whatever you have in the pantry that works. I prepared some wide vegetable strips to pick up the cheese & added some rice crackers. Now it was time to taste the cheese. Bec very gingerly tasted the cheese & was pleasantly surprised with the Cheese.

Becs reaction? "Delicious"!

The consistency of this cheese is a cottage cheese. 
Well, I hope you enjoy making your own cheese.

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