Sunday, 20 April 2014

It's Not About the Meat!

The Meat is the Easy Part of the Meal.

It's the thought of preparing dinner for the family or even one person after a busy day of work or pleasure.
It's also the thought of the Clean-up after the Meal.
AND, after all, How often does everyone say Thanks, Mum or Dad. I always thank the Cook of the Meal, so why does almost everyone else take it for granted!
Customers come into the Butcher Shop looking for their meat for the evening meal.
So we discuss the meat the family members prefer, then meals the family have consumed earlier in the week, how many need to be fed & the budget for that meal.
A meal of sausages or mince during the week, allows for a more premium cut. Remember a smaller portion of Quality Meat ( 100-200gr ) is more enjoyable than a big piece of tough meat.
Generally I cook a meal the whole family will enjoy, but I don't mind cooking individual cuts for the acquired tastes. As families grow the families tastes diversify, you may be dealing with a vegetarian, someone who likes chicken & like my hubby, loves his piece of steak.
I usually have several small non-stick fry pans, so this is easy for cleaning up.

So here are a few tips of accompaniments to go with your Protein.

The Humble Spud, smashed spuds can be jazzed up with a little seasoning, chives or bacon. Wedges, Hasselback or boiled, split & covered in coleslaw & sour cream. To stop you cutting right through the spud for the Hasselback, place a knife next to spud.

Then to mix it up with some colour! We like frozen peas, carrots & corn. Yes, I cheat! There's no reason we can't take shortcuts, buy using frozen or prepacked vegetables. I check that they are a product of Oz. Sometimes' besides being easier, I think it's cost effective. 

A quick coleslaw or salad can transform the spud or place your protein on plate of salad.

Next the Sauce or the Gravy, I add some gravy powder & water to the pan after I've cooked the Meat. It can be as simple as that or fry some mushrooms in the pan when you turn your meat, brown them & add some seasoning either add the gravy mix or some sour cream for a Mushroom Sauce.
Pork Cutlet, mash, veggies & mushroom gravy.
Corned silverside, sweet potato
mash, veggies &
Caramelised Onions.
 Caramelised Onions or Capsicums have been a recent addition to the plate. When I turn the meat I add the onions or capsicum to the pan to cook them down until soft, about 10 mins. I use a little vegetable stock powder, verjuice, cook a little longer then I add some balsamic vinegar or balsamic glaze. I really impressed the family with this.

Sausages are a great meal to cater to the different tastes in the family. My hubby enjoys the Beef Breakfast Snag, whilst I enjoy an Italian Snag, our son likes a spicy snag & Bec likes trying the different flavours.

Braised Cabbage is a tasty dish, fry up some bacon, onion & cabbage, add some seasoning & soy sauce, stirring, sautéing for about 5 mins. Remember my recipes here are meant for whatever you have in the fridge, Substitute or leave out what you don't like. 

Snags for all the family!
Braised Cabbage.
 Vegetable Rosti"s are Yummy! I've grated zucchini, carrots, onion & potato, squeeze dry in a clean towel, season & pan fry.

Vegetable Rosti"s

Burgers & Fries or Wedges
Burgers are easy, everyone can have the bun that suits there dietary needs, simple salad, Chicken, Rib Fillet, Lamb, Croc or Fish.

Fried Rice.

Look out for other recipes in future blogs
Fried Rice ,  White Pasta & More.
I'm looking forward to your comments & if you have questions concerning How to Cook Meat? Please ask me!

I hope I've given you some ideas to make your life simpler.

White Pasta

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