Friday, 11 April 2014

5 Safety Tips in the Kitchen!

There are lots of opportunities in the kitchen for things to go wrong. I compiled a list of a few of the safety tips I have picked up through the years. Have a look!
Pouring hot oil into a cup!
1. This is something that shocked me, while I was at the outpatients (with Rebecca, see tip #2) at R.B.H Childrens Burns Unit. I always tipped my hot oil into a cup, until I met a child who'd pulled the cup off the counter to have a drink. The little girl had serious burns. Instead use a clean glass jar & keep well out of reach of children. 
2. The photo of Bec was while I had her sitting on a bench top next to the stove. I wasn't using the stove at the time, but Bec turned on an element. I saw it straight away & turned it off. After 5 minutes Bec leaned across the stove resting her hand on the hotplate, I saw it & grabbed her, putting her hand straight under the tap. I grabbed a tea towel & soaked it in water, then wrapped her hand. Getting her into the car, I drove straight down to the local Doctor. He gave her an injection for the pain, then we went into the Burns Unit at the R.B.H. Even though I was watching Bec & wasn't far from her side, being near anything that can burn could be a danger.

Handle out from stove top!
3. The handle of a pan is another danger, that everyone probably knows about. Always keep handles turned in or to the side. As I've gotten older, I have a new rule, Out of the Kitchen! I work better on my own, but I think it's a space thing. So the tip here is, plan when the kids will help you in the kitchen. it avoids chaos, but it's a wonderful passion to pass onto the children.
Plugged in Blender when cleaning!
4. Now this is something I've had a personal experience with but Stick Blenders can be dangerous!. I think at the time I wizzed it in the water to clean it, then I went to dry blender stick & accidentally touched the On button. Thankfully I had the thick tea towel. I know, Why was the blender still plugged in & on? As most accidents happen, in a moment of not thinking. Read here about another family members experience with her stick blender. Next tip: Unplug electrical implements before cleaning.

5. Now my last tip for today is to make a cuppa & go sit outside & watch the kids. While your in the kitchen your probably missing out on all the fun things the kids are doing. Like in this photo, where Bec decided to go adventuring up the embankment. Our pet dog was close behind her everywhere she went. Jordan eventually followed Bec up to make sure she was safe.
This looked like fun!


I hope you find my blogs entertaining & helpful. My recipes are designed to make the thought of cooking a healthy nutritious meal less stressful, more economical (so you can afford a beautiful cut of quality steak) minimal preparation, & just less work for the COOK. Now get out of the Kitchen & Relax.

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