Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Versatile Burger!

I guess Burgers aren't for you if you don't like mixing your foods! But I Love the layers all folded into one, tasting all the delicious flavours of your salad, sauces & meat. It's definitely not a lady-like meal.

I wrap my burger in plastic wrap for good measure or a napkin. The burger is so versatile, it's got to almost appeal to every member of the family.
Chicken, Steak, Sausages, Fish, Gluten Burgers, though these days most people seem to want gluten free. In the Burdekin, Mrs
Spero made the most delicious Gluten Burgers. They were stacked so high with salad, the gluten patty & bun, you'd be  surprised that you can get your mouth around it. Now you can buy gluten free, vegetarian patties.

 Mince comes in beef, lamb, chicken, pork, veal, turkey, goat, even our National Symbol, The Kangaroo! With all the different international flavours, Burgers become a Gourmet Degustation.

 Degustation is a culinary tasting of several small courses, while a burger is all the flavours wrapped up in a bun.
The only thing we haven't discussed here is the Wine to serve with the Burger or should that be a Beer?

Back to the mince, Lamb becomes Greek when you make a Kofta,
Pork becomes Italian when you season it with garlic, salt, pepper & red wine. One of my Favourite flavours in Pork mince is Honey, Lemongrass, salt & pepper. BUT to make life simpler, buy flavoured snags from your Local Butcher, slit the skin & turn them into a patty. This saves all the preparing ingredients & mixing.

Some mince especially Turkey doesn't need much seasoning as it seems to have a natural saltiness.

Salad is whatever you want it to be, seasonal, anything you have in the fridge, or even a tin. I Love  a piece of pineapple cooked along side of my steak. You either love or hate beetroot, in the mix though it adds a crisp sweet flavour.

Buns, brioche, Turkish, Panini, bread even a wrap, I guess even 2 large lettuce leaves!
All that's left is the Sauce! Mustard, Tomato, BBQ, Sweet Chilli, Aioli, Tartare, What's your choice? Love to hear & see your Creations! Post them on Courtney's Quality Meat fb page. Like & Share while there.

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